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How to Make Your Own Organic Chamomile Tea


Hi Everyone!

So, I am sure you have been anxiously awaiting this post to learn how to make your own natural chamomile tea.Forget those conventional tea bags cause harvesting your own tea is much more rewarding and fun!

Let’s begin!

The first step to making your own tea is to find Chamomile seeds. I know Home Depot sells them and I’m sure if you go to any garden store they would help you out. The type of seeds that 2012 garden intern, Jesus, planted in the garden was German Chamomile seed, an annual chamomile plant.

Once your chamomile seeds are in the ground, you need to wait until the flowers are in full bloom. From the day of planting until blooming takes about a month.

Once the flowers are in full bloom get ready to harvest! All you need to do is cut the stems of the flowers 2-3 inches down from the flower. Then, bundle the individual flowers with twine and make as many bundles as you desire. What Emma and I discovered is that one bundle that has a stem diameter of about 1-1.5 inches should make about 6-12 cups of tea.

Picking chamomile me

After you bundle the chamomile, hang the bundles in a dark, warm place. We used our garden shed which worked great! Let the Chamomile hang for 1-3 days and wait for it to dry.

Once the Chamomile is dry pop the individual flowers off the plants. Those dried flower are what you will eventually boil to make your own tea!

Store the dried flowers in an air tight container until you are ready to use them.

When you are ready to make the tea, boil the desired amount of tea water in a sauce pan. Wait for the water to boil and then for every cup of water you boil add 1 heaping teaspoon of dried Chamomile. Turn the heat to low and let the sauce pan sit on low heat for 30 seconds. Then, remove the saucepan from the heat and let the Chamomile sit in the hot water covered for however long you like or until the liquid turns a pale yellow hue. Emma and I decided to let the flowers sit for quite a while because we wanted the tea to have a strong flavor and color.

After you let the chamomile seep, strain the chamomile flowers out of the liquid. We did this using a tea strainer, but a normal strainer would work just as well. After this step you are all ready to drink! If you prefer to have it iced, like us, let the tea cool to room temperature, and then pour into a container to store in the fridge to chill. When ready to serve add some ice, sliced lemons, and some local honey to sweeten and you are all set!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and are on your way out to buy your own Chamomile seeds!


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