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A Week of Harvesting and Sprouting

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Week two is officially complete and I feel like Emma and I have been working in the garden forever! The second week we decided to focus on chamomile harvesting, Tuesday’s lunch in the garden, and more bed prep and overall garden maintenance.

First, we were hit with some helpful rainstorms Monday that really helped out our plants after last week’s heat. After the rain we went down to the garden to check on our plants and this is what we saw:


Beet sprouts!

Our beets are sprouting and we can not be more excited.We could not stop talking about how rewarding this was. Seeing these little guys was exciting ,but we still need to keep them under watchful eyes because as gardeners we know that the line between growth and failure is extremely thin. As Tod would say, there are three major components of gardening: water, nutrients, and pests; if anyone of those is neglected or interrupted there could be serious problems. So, we are not in the clear yet!

Tuesday, was our first lunch in the garden and we had a pretty good turn out for our first. We served the Chamomile tea we made with the harvested Chamomile and it was quite the hit! We brought an entire gallon of iced tea and served it with some local honey called “Andrew’s Local Honey” from the Silvermine Apiary in Norwalk, Connecticut. The Silvermine Apiary has been keeping bees and making honey since the 1800’s and they produce 100% natural and fresh honey, jelly, and even pollen.

Andrew's Local Honey

After a great lunch in the garden, the chamomile harvesting began once again! Our goal was to harvest the entire row of chamomile and I’m proud to say that by Wednesday all the chamomile was harvested! We have so much chamomile it is insane! The head chef here at Fairfield, even told us that he would take 5lbs of this stuff! We are so excited that he is going to use so much. Currently we are waiting for the chamomile to dry so we can package it up and send to our friends over in the dining hall.

Well, that is what our week looked like! The plants are doing well and the flower bed is really starting to sprout up, so week 2 was very positive! This week we are looking forward to lots more planting and even some transplanting. There are some things we need to move around and thin out, so it is going to be a fun and active week and I know Emma and I are looking forward to it!


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