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Week 6 and 7: My California Adventure and a Week of Planting

Hi Everyone!

Sorry about not posting last week, I wasn’t in the garden because I was out in California visiting my roommate from school, Danica! I flew out on Tuesday and stayed until the following Monday, giving me almost a full week, but I definitely could have used more time.

While on the West Coast I explored Los Angeles, visited Santa Monica Pier, celebrated Fourth of July by running a local road race (my friend and I came in first and second in our age group!), and finished off the trip traveling to Las Vegas! In such a short amount of time I saw and did so much.┬áCalifornia was great and I can’t wait to go back and see what else it has to offer!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting The Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles near the Grove. The Farmer’s Market is a space that holds a wide variety of restaurants, food stalls, food stores, and vendors. You can find pretty much anything here from fresh local produce to a nice sit down meal. The amount of places to eat and shop at the Farmer’s Market is overwhelming! Since we didn’t stay in one place for too long on my Los Angeles tour, if I could come back I would definitely chose to come back here to eat and spend more time looking at everything the market offers.

farmers market

Danica and I Farmers Market LA

One thing I loved about California was how the food was not overly commercialized. Don’t get me wrong there are still fast food places and what not, but there are many more restaurants and markets that care about their food and ingredients in a very organic and wholesome way.

For example, the town over from where I stayed, Claremont, is awesome in that there are no fast food places. All the restaurants, bakeries, and cafes are for the most part local businesses. I loved this about Claremont! I even got lunch here at this cute, family owned cafe called “The Spot.” My friend, Danica, knows how much I love healthy eating and brought me here to try. The food was awesome! I got a “make-your-own” salad with greens, carrots, onion, tomato, cucumber, chicken, and goat cheese with a “Green Monster” smoothie on the side made with banana, spinach, whey protein, peanut butter, honey, and milk. Heaven.

The Spot Claremont

I would love to live in California because of all the emphasis places put on health and nutrition. Possibly Claremont, CA? I know Danica is going to read this and say to herself, “I knew Hillary would love Claremont.” haha You know me so well!

After getting back from California I headed back to school to resume my work in the garden. As soon as I stepped foot in that garden I was shocked. In that short amount of time I was gone everything had grown so much!

The first thing I noticed was that our cherry tomato plants in our demonstration beds started to produce fruit, which taste amazing! I also noticed that the flower bed has grown to practically 4 feet tall, the squash plants are rapidly growing, the egg plants are beginning to grow fruit, and the baby beets we planted earlier this summer and getting so big!

fruiting cherry tom


flower bed growing

Everything is growing at full speed and it is so exciting to see the garden so green!

The day I got back we had lunch in the garden! We all ate and then Emma had the garlic harvest planned. We spent about an hour plucking the garlic out of the ground, bundling them in groups of 10, and hanging them across the street in the maintenance building. We harvested three different types of garlic and if I were to estimate I would guess that we had about 40-50 bundles of garlic (exact numbers to be determined). It was fun to harvest the garlic and we even got to bring some home!

Wednesday was fun because Emma and I finished planting the carrot beds and the Basil bed. In total we have three beds of carrots of containing different varieties. We really want to finish all the planting before Saturday because I am leaving for Kennebunkport, Maine, another vacation!

Today was great because we finished planting everything except the kale beds. We planted the summer squash row, the beet and cilantro bed, and the swiss chard beds. Pretty soon no more planting will be needed and then the pest and disease management really begins!

Happy gardening everyone and hope you are all enjoying the summer!