Harvest by Hillary

Blogging about my journey to living a more sustainable and organic life


Welcome to Harvest by Hillary!

about me pic

This is a blog dedicated to my summer internship working in my campus garden.

I wanted to start a blog to track my experiences working in the garden and to encourage others to grow their own food. Every since I can remember I have wanted to grow my own organic crops. With the uncertainties from biotechnology and mass food production, I believe it is important for us to really think about where our food comes from and how it is grown.

Being an athlete and runner of almost 9 years, I am very aware of what I want and need to put in my body for strength and health. Working in an organic garden this summer will help me see how quality food, crops, and plants should be grown and how eating my own produce will benefit my health in the long run.

I am excited to get this blog started and I hope you enjoy following my journey to becoming an organic gardener!



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